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Singer-songwriter Luke James Shaffer’s story is one of optimistic consistency. From late nights in dirty dive bars to glamorous affairs in New York City high rises, his journey has shown him how the world thrives on the music.

 Luke's charming easy-spirited musicality ranges from indiecoustica, pop, and the intimate singer-songwriter genre. His warm and soulful vocals have garnered him comparisons to The Lumineers, Vance Joy, and Mumford & Sons. In July 2018 Luke released his first EP, "Luke James Shaffer, Vol. 1". It reached number 7 on the iTunes Singer/Songwriter charts. Luke’s song 'Siren' received runner-up in the AAA/Alternative in the International Acoustic Music Awards in 2019. 


In March 2019, Luke released his indie rock single "Thieves" followed closely in May by the single "Blood in the Water" on which he joined forces with Jake Vicious, "telling the tale of a heart mislead by love." The song has gained over 500,000 streams to date. In 2020 Luke released his anticipated "Luke James Shaffer, Vol. 2", including crowd favorites like "Oh Honey" and "Who Would've Thought."


Luke joined long time co-writer Stan Drout to create a new project named Ønalark, they have released a handful of fun sing-along-able tunes for your ears. In August 2021, Luke released his latest single "Ohio", a feel good story of the remembrance of the journeys we all take. A new release is set for September as well in collaboration with DMV producer Jake Vicious.

Image by Kelly Sikkema
Image by Kelly Sikkema
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IT's been almost 9 years since I made a kickstarter campaign and you all helped me raise the funds to create my first ever full length album.


Well, after taking it down a few years ago at the request/advice from some people helping me make music. I decided it's time to have it back out in the world. 

I think it will be a nice bit of nostalgia (for myself too) as well as a way for people to see and hear how my musical journey has developed over time. A long time haha. 

Thank you all for your support. Whether you've been here for one day or one decade. It means a lot to me.

- Luke



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